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Social Change Resources

Compelling stories in Changemakers Journal reveal how the creative energy of social entrepreneurs drives innovation in diverse fields, including education, health, the environment, and other areas of human need. We want to dig deep and reach wide, sometimes returning to a topic, with your help and participation.

Evolutionary Ventures

Sustainable Business Network

Spirit at Work

Greenbuilders - Sustainable Building Resources

Big City Forest
718.731.3931 or

Center for Resourceful Building Technology

Asia-Pacific Philanthropy Consortium (APPC) http://iews.yonsei.ac.kr/appcic/
The Asia-Pacific Philanthropy Consortium acts as an information clearinghouse for the nonprofit sector in the Asia-Pacific region. This site promotes philanthropic activities while simultaneously offering resources for building and developing nonprofit, citizen-based organizations and programs. Notable Features: the APPC's on-line foundation index and resource database (currently under construction).

The Charities Aid Foundation
The Charities Aid Foundation provides information and financial resources for NGOs. This extensive Web site features research, news, reviews, links, and debates on grants, volunteers, investment management, and new sources of borrowing. Notable Features: a useful directory of policymakers.

The Grantsmanship Center
Since 1972, The Grantmanship Center has focused on training and funding information. In addition to its free on-line magazine and nonprofit resource section, the center also produces a wide range of low-cost publications and holds training workshops in Europe, Latin America, and the US. Notable Feature: a directory of foundations available to those registered in the TGCI Alumni Services section.

Make a Difference Day

Thousands of projects and models for making a difference in our world.

The Microenterprise Innovation Project
The Microenterprise Innovation Project is the U.S. Agency for International Development's initiative to provide technical and financial assistance in writing case studies. The Microenterprise Best Practices Project is expanding the knowledge base of microenterprise practices in developing countries through research and publications, a grant-making program, and information-sharing. Notable Feature: The Best Practices section presents research (based on experience) of leading practitioners who are trying new approaches in the design and delivery of services to microentrepreneurs.

Philanthropy Journal Online
A lively and expansive Web site rich in ideas and tools for fundraising and organizational development. The Philanthropy Journal Online is updated every day and offers the latest in corporate and nonprofit activities in the U.S. Notable Features: weekly PJ Alert reporting the latest news for the U.S. nonprofit sector.

Points of Light Foundation
Foundation is leader in US in promoting more effective volunterring.

Directories Action Without Borders http://idealist.org/tools/tools.htm
One of Action Without Borders numerous and extensive directories is "Resources for Nonprofits." This useful directory features articles on foundations, financial management, and fundraising.

The European Foundation Center http://www.poptel.org.uk/efc/list.html
Maintained by the "EFC Orpheus Programme," this directory provides links to a large number of European grant-making foundations and corporations. The Foundation Center The Foundation Center site offers a number of helpful directories: http://www.fdncenter.org/trends/funtrend.html
"Funding Trends and Analysis" features the 100 largest U. S. grant-making foundations and the 50 largest U.S. grant-making corporate foundations.

The center's "Online Library" links to a variety of general nonprofit resources, including mailing lists, listservs, and newsgroups.

Fundsnet Online Services

Fundsnet Online Services is a privately owned Web site designed to help nonprofit organizations find funding resources on the Internet. The site provides directories for general fundraising ideas, grant-writing, corporate philanthropy, international grants, and technological donations. Notable Features: the Nonprofit Forum where one can exchange ideas, post questions, and participate in live chat with counterparts; the "Mega-Index" of 900 links to philanthropic UK Fundraising http://www.fundraising.co.uk/grants.html

The Grants and Funding directory includes links to information, sources of grants and other funding in Australia, Europe, and the United States. http://www.fundraising.co.uk/other_fr.html
The Information and Resources section links to fundraising products and services, including consultancy, research and tracking donor prospects, and women in philanthropy.

The Grantsmanship Center http://www.tgci.org/resource/nsource.htm
The nonprofit resources section of The Grantmanship Center links to on-line fundraising, research and statistics, legal resources, finance and accounting, and nonprofit directories. Philanthropy Links http://www.philanthropy-journal.org/plhome/plresour.htm As part of the Philanthropy Journal Online, this page offers funding-related sites from around the world. It also features links to important non-governmental organizations.

Sources of Funding in International Affairs

The National Endowment for Democracy offers a comprehensive on-line directory of organizations that provide field-specific funding, e.g., education, media and communications, civil society, science and medicine, arts and culture, economic restructuring, and legal reform. Notable Features: The directory includes complete organizational details: contact information, mission statement, funding limitations, geographical focus, and specific awards for international programs.

ListServs American Philanthropy Review

The American Philanthropy Review offers an index of the 15 most active philanthropy-related discussion forums. Topics include: grants and foundations, estate (planned) gifts, health care philanthropy, arts fundraising, non-U.S. charities seeking donations in the U.S., mentoring, and women in philanthropy. Notable Features: "World USA" covers the topic of non-USA charities raising money in the U.S.; "Annual Fund" is an international forum dedicated to every aspect of NGOs' annual funding campaigns.

If you have a patient that needs hyperbaric services, or want more information, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to consult with physicians and family about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.