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Environmental Links

Global Integration

Worldwatch Institute http://www.worldwatch.org

World Future Society

Foundation for Global Community http://www.globalcommunity.org

World Citizen Foundation - http://www.worldcitizen.org

World Service Authority - http://www.worldgovernment.org

One Earth Network - http://www.onearth.net

The Chemical Scorecard
Created by the Environmental Defense Fund. Allows users to insert a zip code to find out which chemicals are affecting their communities.

World Wildlife and Conservation Action Network http://www.worldwildlife.org/
The Conservation Action Network is an electronic advocacy network that enables you to obtain concise information and take action quickly and easily on important issues such as endangered species, global warming, forest protection, fisheries conservation, and many others. Communicate with the president, members of Congress, state legislators, newspaper editors, corporations, foreign government leaders, and international agencies. Learn what products to buy to lessen your impact on the Earth. Call upon business and industry to use and manufacture products that do not cause environmental harm. Take advantage of cutting edge information technology that will make it easy for you have a say in the future of the planet and for you and others to mount a rapid response to threats to the environment.

Environmental Defense Fund
The site has several online forums on such topics as endangered species, global warming, and energy efficiency.

20/20 Vision
This organization's offline efforts are focused on making activism easy and effective. Their "Tools for Grassroots Activists," is a good collection of resources.

Corporate Watch
This site collects action alerts created by other groups, offers a unique campaign (called the Greenwash Awards) that exposes environmentally unsound practices of corporations hiding behind "green" PR, and provides information on how to research companies yourself.

Wisconsin Stewardships Network
This site includes an online events calendar that anyone can add to, interactive action alerts that people can contribute to.

Environmental Working Group
wealth of well-researched, heavy-hitting reports to help anyone's environmental advocacy efforts.

NetAction (www.netaction.org)
Tools for organizing in cyberspace, current action issues, pointers to other online activism resources.

Corporate Agribusiness Research Project

CARP is a public interest research project, sponsored by Voice for a Viable Future, which seeks to provide family farmers, labor, consumers and citizen activists with vital corporate agribusiness accountability, news and commentary.

If you have a patient that needs hyperbaric services, or want more information, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to consult with physicians and family about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.