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Wholistic and Alternative Medicine Resources

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Acupuncture.com - http://www.acupuncture.com

101 Miracles of Natural Healing: Qigong

AltMed Web - Alternative Medicine
The internet international directory of alternative medicine providers.

The American Naturopathic Medical Association
Founded in 1981, American Naturopathic Medical Association is a nonprofit, scientific, educational, organization, dedicated to exploring new frontiers of mind, body, medicine and health. ANMA has a nondiscriminatory policy, with membership open to individuals with Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.) or Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.), as well as other health care fields. Some of our members hold other medical degrees: M.D., D.O., D.D.S., O.M.D., H.M.D., and D.C. All of our members have a strong commitment to the philosophy, art and science, of natural therapeutics. They subscribe to the motto "Doctor do no harm".

Ask Mother

American Foundation of Medical Acupuncture (AFMA)
The mission of AFMA is to promote high quality scientific research, public education, and collaboration in order to facilitate the inclusion of acupuncture into the U.S. health care system. World literature on acupuncture available for practitioners and researchers; and assisting granting organizations such as the Office of Alternative Medicine at NIH with peer review of grant applications.
AFMA, 5820 Wilshire Boulevard #500, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

American Holistic Health Association
Sponsored by Health World Online
Dave Robertson and James Strohecker have merged business acumen, a passion for research and a shared vision of the impact of truly accessible health information on the lives of individuals and the very nature of medicine and health in our society. Their shared vision is HealthWorld Online. Their vision focuses on the individual, the "self." With access to comprehensive, integrated health and medical information, the individual can begin to take action for maintaining and restoring health - and can most appropriately and cost-effectively utilize our society's excellent natural and conventional health care systems. Their mission is to fulfill the public and professional demand for reliable, integrative health, wellness and medical information, products and services. Our goal is to create the means for individuals and society to transition away from today's "sick-care" system of managed care to a "well-care" system of Self-Managed Care.

Ask Dr. Andrew Weil

Interactive health information service offered by Andrew Weil, a leading physician specializing in complementary medicine, mind/body interactions, and medical botany.

Asian Homoeopathic Medical League (AHML)
Objectives are to promote and coordinate professional activities in education and research and to encourage the establishment of homoeopathic research in hospitals, pharmacies, and dispensaries.
Contact: Sajjad Hassan Khan, President,
AHML Pakistan, Saira Building 4-Mozang Road, Lahore-Pakistan.
Phone (92) 42-354356; fax (92) 42-303096

Australian Society of Oncology
Established to investigate ways of prevention and treatment of cancer.
Contact: Independent Medical Research,
Ground Floor, 235 Macquarie St., Sydney, N.S.W. 2000, Australia.
Phone: (61) (2)221-5488; fax: (61) (2)223-3356.

Burzynski Research Institute

Bastyr University AIDS Research Center
Bastyr University: Research

Surveys the use of alternatives therapies in HIV and AIDS patients, as well as screen and evaluate such therapies.
Contact: Bastyr University AIDS Research Center,
144 NE 54th Street, Seattle, WA 98105.
Phone (206) 517-3578, fax (206) 517-3599.

Brugh Joy - http://www2.brughjoy.com/brughjoy


Cancer Guide
Cancer salves
Important information about an historically valid and effective botanical approach to the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Web

Capital University of Integrative Medicine

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Women's Health

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

The Center for Addiction and Alternative Medicine Research
Focus on the utilization, applicability and effectiveness of selected alternative medicine modalities in the treatment of the addictive, health and psychological complications of substance abuse. Center has added a research training program. Center's purpose: "Supports a training program for scientists interested ina pplying rigourous research methodology to the evaluation of complementary and alternative treatments for addiction."

The Center for Advance in Cancer Education
Non-profit cancer information, counseling and referral agency which focuses on combining the body's natural healing potential with advances in medical science. Specializing in immunopotentiation through clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and psycho-neuroimmunology. The Center offers resources for cancer prevention as well as non-toxic approaches as adjuncts or alternatives to conventional cancer treatments.
Contact: Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., Executive Director,
Center for Advancement in Cancer Education,
Suite 100, 300 E. Lancaster Avenue,Wynnewood, PA 19096
phone (610) 642-4810.

The Center for Human Caring
Center was established in 1986 by Jean Watson. Its mission is to explore new ways of advancing the art and science of human caring, knowledge, ethics,and clinical practice in the fields of nursing and health sciences. It is designed to foster the study, teaching, and practice of human caring by drawing upon the under-developed connections among nursing science, caring theory and the humanities.Center efforts range from specific curricular activities to piloting and researching new practice models of excellence in human caring and healing.
Contact: The Center for Human Caring,
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center,
4200 E. 9th Avenue, Box C288-8, Denver, CO 80262
phone (303) 270-6157 and fax (303) 270-5666

The Center for the Study of Complementary Medicine
The Center investigates scientific aspects of subtle energy.
Contact: Julian N. Kenyon,
The Center for the Study of Complementary Medicine,
51 Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire SO1 2DG, UK. phone (703) 334752; fax (703) 231-835.

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Aging

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in AIDS

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Asthma, Allergy and Immunology

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Pain (Univ. of VA School of Nursing) http://www.nursing.virginia.edu/centers/alt-ther.html

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Women's Health

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Stroke and Neurological Disorders

Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
CERI's site contains many hard-to-find international sources for dietary supplements, and non-FDA approved new drugs.

Community Outreach health Information System

The Chinese Medicine Sampler is designed to provide information sufficient to making an informed choice about Oriental Medicine. In addition to the "library" there is a mock diagnosis available which provides an in-depth personal experience with Oriental Medicine. The library is open to all, there is a nominal charge for the diagnosis. Site was created by a practitioner of Oriental Medicine in private practice in Tucson, AZ with a M.S. in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College and board certified by the NCCAOM - National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Council on Homeopathic Education

"D" to "F"

Doctor's Data Clinical Laboratory

Doctors' Medical Library
It is my privilege to participate in the transformation of medicine which is now underway. The doctors who are participating in this transformation are some of the most dedicated people I could ever hope to know. I am lucky to be able to count them as colleagues. This web site network is designed to introduce you to the way these doctors think of illness and health, to allow you to understand the pressures they are under to conform, and the courage they have to remain true to the welfare of their patients. It is also a tool to allow you to locate the kind of doctor who can help you achieve the health you deserve. If your health and well-being depended on only one thing, that one thing would be your continuing education into matters of health. The Doctors' Medical Library is a network of over 225 integrated web sites containing enough information to constitute a complete course of study in natural medicine. I encourage you to use it to fully educate yourself. Ron Kennedy, M.D.

Dr. Bowers Complementary and Alternative Medicine Home Page

Directory of Health Databases

Eastern & Alternative Medicine

Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine

Get Well - Natural and Alternative Medicine

Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology
Non-profit research center to study the medical effects of Kundalini yoga and meditation and the yogic science of psychology known as humanology. Dharma Singh Kalsa, MD is Board Pres. and leads many training sessions. Contact: 800-326-1322

Healing Choices

Healthcare Publications for Consumers

Health & Beyond Online is a great place to visit if you're looking for alternative ways to free yourself and your family from the tyranny and frustration of never feeling up to par, and/or if you want to know what you can do to prepare for the Year 2000 in terms of food and health.

The Health & Wellness Resource Center

Contact Info: (888) 393-9079 or email: help@pfl1.com Learn about natural, healthy life styles: Men's Health, Women's Health, Pet's Health, Weight Loss, Immune System, Detoxification and more.

HealthySelf provides fee-based, affordable, health research on your topic (general or specific). Diseases. Treatments. Approaches. Resources. Alternative Med. Herbs. Prevention. Pet health too. Site has health quotes,links, news, books and more. healthyself@excite.com

The Healing Spectrum (eclectic collection of links and a cool fractal)

Holistic Internet Resources
This website was designed to access information easily and efficiently. You will find a wealth of knowledge in the following links: Articles and Book Reviews, Events and other Internet Resources, and Guide to Practitioners and Schools. Sit back, relax and let holistic practitioners from around the world be your tour guide for holistic health care. If you are a Holistic Practitioner you can list your holistic products or services on Holistic Internet Resources.

Home of Reflexology

Healing Choices, Cancer Report Service
Important and extensive links on cancer are available at:

Healing Net
Healing Net's Goal is to help bridge the gap between traditional allopathic and holistic healing modalities by providing an open-minded forum for the exchange of information. Focus in on Arizona resources.

Healthcare Publications for Consumers

HERBnet - Holistic Internet Community

Herbal Healer Academy
Herbal Healer Academy Inc., is a private membership organization, offering alternative natural medicine, herbs, homeopathics, tinctures, health books, videos, flower essences, essential oils, soap kits, hair analysis, private ND correspondence consultations, ear coning, herbal teas, soaps, shampoos, natural pet products, and more to make your life safer and healthier. HHA Inc., offers a complete series on natural medicine correspondence courses in herbology, reflexology, nutrition, acupressure, massage, basic business, anatomy & physiology, homeopathy, psychology of healing, chronic diseases, hypnotherapy, flower remedies and vibrational medicine.

RMHI Chinese Herbal Sciences

Homeopathy - comprehensive site

Health and Environment Foundation
A homeopathy research group has been established for clinical and basic research, and to establish a library.
Contact: Dr. Jorge Herkovits, President,
Fundacion PROSAMA, Neuquen 1405 - (1405) Buenos Aires, Argentina
phone 431-2445/4206, fax 054-1-952-1124.

Holistic Health Network
Members of the Holistic Health Network have the opportunity for listing of their professional practice in the Holistic Health Directory Resource Guide. A quarterly newsletter that covers alternative medicine research, new discoveries linking mind and body, information on legislation and lobbying efforts, developments in health insurance, and other topics, is included. The Network is developing an electronic Holistic Health Database.
Contact: Holistic Health Network, 42 Pleasant Street,
Watertown, MA 02172; phone (617) 926-5554 fax (617) 926-5562.

"I" to "M"

Innovative Diabetic Research, Inc.
This non-profit educational organization promotes research efforts toward a cure for diabetes mellitus and the rehabilitation of diabetes patients. They conduct research and produce educational materials from a holistic perspective.
Contact: Innovative Diabetic Research, Inc.,
8055 East Thomas Road, Suite B-103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251; phone: 602-945-2198, fax: 602-423-1823.

The International Cancer Association Network (ICAN)
Charitable association set up to provide information to practitioners and the public on cancer treatments, to help fund research into innovative treatments for cancer, and to provide a "network" of practitioners and support groups in the Australian area.
Contact: International Cancer Association Network,
Suite 401, BMA House, 135 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia;
phone (61) 2-251-4140, fax (61) 2-247-5453.

International Health Research Network (IHRN)
Group bound together by their common interest in holistic medicine that encompasses a balance between the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the individual in harmony with the environment.The emphasis is on esoteric healing and diagnosis through the human energy field. An annual conference is held in England each autumn, and a journal is published semi-annually.
Contact: IHRN, The Barn, 4a Whichers Gate Road, Rowlands Castle,
Hampshire PO9 6BB, UK.

International Network for Research on Alternative Therapies (INRAT)
Based in Denmark this network was established to create frames for exchange of research-based knowledge on alternative therapies. Being sponsored, hosted and run within the frames of social science and the humanities, the international networking activities primarily aim at creating links among researchers and knowledge based in these scholastic traditions. Through collaboration with national networks of other Nordic countries, it functions as a body for Nordic networking within research on alternative therapies.
INRAT, Institut for Antropologi,
Frederiksholms Kanal 4, 1220 Kobenhavn K, Denmark
Phone/fax (45) 53 56 20 66;

International Research Group on Very Low Dose Effects (GIRI)
Independent international society that brings together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians, chemists, and physicists to communicate, exchange experiences, and develop joint research projects. Research areas include ultra-low doses, high dilutions, and homeopathy. A symposium is hosted annually.
Contact: Madeleine Bastide, Unite de Recherche en Immunologie,
Faculte de Pharmacie, 34060 Montpellier Cedex 1, France;
phone (00 33) 67 54 75 33; fax (00 33) 67 63 52 02.

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM)
An interdisciplinary society for the study of informational and energetic interactions, organized early in 1990. The Society is concerned with phenomena of physics, biochemistry, and psychology associated with subtle interactions on the human psyche and soma that enhance or perturb healthy homeostasis.
Contact: Penny Hiernu, Executive Director, ISSSEEM,
356 Goldco Circle, Golden, CO 80401; phone (303) 278-2228.

Internet and Online Resources for Alternative Medicine

MedWeb: Alternative Medicine - Robert Woodruff Health Sciences Libary of Emory University. http://WWW.MedWeb.Emory.Edu/MedWeb/

Lyme Disease Support Group
A comfort zone where people help people, share experiences and knowledge.

Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts
Research center and clinic established to study the physics, physiology, and psychology of the interaction of healers and patients.
Contact: Savely Savva, Executive Director, MISAHA,
400 Virgin Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940; (408) 646-8019

"N" to "O"

National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
This alliance was established to expand the knowledge of acupuncture and oriental medicine. It provides patient referrals to practitioner members across the country. It also publishes a newsletter, The National Alliance FORUM, which includes state association updates, news from the national front, upcoming events and articles of interest to the practitioners.
Nat'l. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Alliance,
P.O. Box 77511, Seattle, WA 98177-0531; phone (206) 524-3511.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Call them for a list of practitioners or visit their website. Many states do NOT license herbalists, though some allow licensed acupuncturists to practice herbology. In the absence of certification, rely on reputation and years of experience.

National Center for Homeopathy
This is a non-profit membership organization whose purpose is to promote homeopathy through education, publication, and research.
National Center for Homeopathy,
1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 42,
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 223-6182

National Institute of Electromedical Information (NIEI)
NIEI is a non-profit foundation dedicated to education, research, and training in the electromedical sciences serving clinicians, researchers, medical educators, and the general public. Its affiliations include the National Health Council, Alliance for Engineering in Medicine and Biology, and the Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education. NIEI works closely on an international level with universities , governmental agencies, and industrial organizations.
Contact: Stanley H. Kornhauser, Director,
NIEI, P.O. Box 4633, Bay Terrace, NY 11360-4633;
(212) 410-8083

A prospective student resource and guide to massage therapy schools and schools of chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and more. http://www.naturalhealers.com

Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center

Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care, and Alternative Therapies

NCBI PubMed Resources

Their goal is to help you navigate through some unusual regions in Natural Medicine.

New Century Nutrition Online
In 1981, the Chinese Academy of Medical Science published an Atlas of Cancer Mortality on the 1973-75 mortality rates for about a dozen different cancers for 2400 counties in China.

New York Open Center

Their commitment is to the resurgence of meaning, the return of the organic and natural, the rediscovery of ancient traditions of healing and contemplation, and the creation of a new social ethic that places compassion for each other and respect for the natural environment at its heart.
The New York Open Center
83 Spring Street
New York, New York 10012 USA
Telephone: Fax:

One Peaceworld World: Cancer and Diet Information

Osteopathic Medicine International WWW Resource http://www.rscom.com/osteo
Osteopathy is a system of health care founded by Andrew Taylor Still (1828 - 1917) and is based on the theory that the body is capable of making its own remedies against disease and other toxic conditions when in normal structural relationship and has favourable environmental conditions and adequate nutrition. It utilises generally accepted physical, pharmacological and surgical methods of diagnosis, while placing strong emphasis on the importance of body mechanics and manipulative methods to detect and correct faulty structure and function.

"P" to "S"

Paracelsian has developed a unique system of 'functional' bioassays to enable manufacturers and distributors of herbal remedies and dietary supplements to offer a higher level of quality assurance to their customers.

Patient Information Project
The Patient Information Project follows on from the Berlin Documentation Center for Research into Naturopathy, whose documentation about the up-to-date research on methods of natural health care has been extended to areas of basic research in frontier sciences and the international linkage of databases. The knowledge gained flows directly into their patient consultation and can be referred to by scientists, doctors, and other specialists.
Dr. Ingrid Dilger, Projekt Patienteninformation
c/o UFA-Fabrik, Viktoriastrasse 13-18, D-12105 Berlin, Germany. Phone (49) 30-75 14 007; fax (49) 30-75 14 029;

Dr. Doris Rapp
author NY Times best selling book, "Is This Your Child's World" and pediatrician. "I believe with all my heart that far too many individuals cannot afford proper medical care or drugs so we must meet that challenge and educate everyone so they can learn more about medicine and help to care for themselves. My aim is to make the very best decisions that I can in relation to all aspects of each child's total well being. It is rarely just a child who needs treatment; it is a family. I therefore sincerely try to help all the other family members if that is indicated and possible while I am caring for the one child. Our challenge for physicians is to find fast, easy, safe, effective and inexpensive ways to heal. I will spend the time that is needed and will not let the insurance companies dictate how long I can spend with a patient, what I can and cannot do, or what I can charge. I believe that absolutely nothing is as rewarding as: turning children's lives around so they are able to reach their full potential, saving a marriage because a child's unacceptable or inappropriate behavior or because of undue family stresses which arise when illnesses are only treated with drugs."

Pamper Me Softly, Inc. www.PamperMeSoftly.com
is committed to providing more free, high-quality information on PMS than any other site on the web! Their comprehensive information on PMS, holistic solutions, and free custom tracking sheets are available to everyone. They supply a variety of PMS products and support groups as well as a PMS relief full-support package for women who want the best products and support, with convenience, style and pampering.

Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine
The purpose of the Society is to promote interdisciplinary research on the fundamental mechanisms of regulation of growth, repair, and regeneration, and in the prevention and treatment of disease. It focuses on electricity and magnetism and also on such physical modalities as ultrasound and mechanical stimulation of repair and growth.
Mikki Ciombor, Orthopaedic Lab/North Campus,
Roger Williams Medical Center, 825 Chalkstone Avenue,
Providence, RI 02908; fax: (401) 456-6521.

Scientific and Medical Network
It seeks to extend the framework and assumptions of contemporary science and medicine beyond the orthodoxy ofmaterialism. Acknowledging the intuitive sense of meaning and purpose, it regards the picture of a human being as a complex physico-chemical machine as inadequate and misleading. There are over 600 members in 34 countries. A detailed members' list, publication of a newsletter, sponsored lectures in London, and a tape service are some activities of the Network. Contact:
David Lorimer, Director, The Scientific and Medical Network,
The Old School House, Hampnett, Northleach, Glos. GL54 3NN, England. phone/Fax: 0451-60869.

Simonton Cancer Center
Dr. Simonton established this Center in Pacific Palisades, California, to deliver his program which is based on the successful model for emotional intervention and support in the treatment of cancer patients. It evolved from the concept that beliefs, feelings, attitudes and lifestyles are important factors affecting health.
Contact: Simonton Cancer Center
P.O. Box 890,
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272;
phone (800) 459-3424, fax (310) 457-0421

Learn the art of massage in beautiful Arizona. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a private community college for Holistic Healthcare Careers with Diploma and Certificate programs in Massage Therapy, Oriental Bodyworker, Hypnotherapy, Western Herbalism, and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. Associates of Occupational Studies Degrees offered in Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Body-Mind Transformational Psychology, Clinical Holistic Nutrition, Oriental Bodywork and Chinese Herbology. SWIHA offers more continuing education classes than any other college in the southwest, featuring over 250 classes per quarter, including Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Massage, Counseling skills, Deep Tissue Massage, Fibromyalgia Therapy, Geriatric Massage, Hypnotherapy, Jin Shin Jystsu, Lymphatic Massage, Myotherapy, Polarity, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Zen Shiatsu and more! All continuing education programs are approved by the NCBMTA. "Do your Dream" - Learn to Touch lives, Heal bodies and Free souls. For more information, visit their website or call to speak with an admissions representative. 1402 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, 888.504.9106 or 480.994.9244. FAX: 480.994.3228. doyourdream@swiha.org

Subtle Energies

"W" to "Z"

Women's Medical Health Page

A health and wellness mega-site with Extensive Articles, Library, Directory of Goods & Services, Calendar, Links.
The Directory" utilizes inter-media synergy by the blending of the electronic medium of the Internet with the spirit of living, breathing practitioners and performers. Explore the plentiful resources also to be found at: Wholeliving.com, Voices of Women Online, Hey Hon!, Inner-Media.

Yahoo Health: Alternative Medicine

If you have a patient that needs hyperbaric services, or want more information, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to consult with physicians and family about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.